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[IP] Re: 1500 Rule

Pump Acc.
Gram Scale

   The 1500 Rule
How Much For A High?

This Rule was developed by Paul Davidson, M.D., Medical Director of the
Diabetes Treatment Center at HCA West Paces Ferry Hospital in Atlanta, GA.
It shows how far your blood sugar is likely to drop per unit of short-acting
Works for Type I diabetes and most Type IIs
Estimates the point drop in mg/dl per unit of H or R
1500/TDD (Total Daily Dose) = point drop per unit of H or R
Someone's TDD = 50 units
1500/50 = a 30 point drop per unit of H or R
Result: an accurate Sliding Scale!
The 1500 Rule
Total Daily
Insulin Dose  Point Drop
per Unit of H or R
20  75
25  60
30  50
35  43
40 38
50 30
60 25
75 20
100 15

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