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Re: [IP] debbie's eyes

Debbie Scales wrote:
> Thanks for the offer Sara.  I have been reading your posts about your eyes
> with so much empathy and I understand the frustration and anger about it you
> are feeling.  Sometimes I just want to scream "Let me live my life, you
> blankety blank eyes".
> Debbie
> >hey debbie:
> >
> >if you need extra eye blood I will be MORE than willing to donate a few
> >gallons...sigh
> >
> >Sorry to hear about your eye problems too 8-(
> >
> >Sara
> >
Literature that I have read indicates that persons already suffering
with rentinopathy will experience some worsening of visoin problems at
first when going on the pump ...HOWEVER they also state that this
resolves and in many cases the existing  vision problems may actually
resolve to some extent..I hope this is the end of the period of
problemms for you and that soon you will have improvement! Chris from