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Re: [IP] Re: Thank you all

 it could have been a disetronic,
>after all - you are just WAY compliant!
>good fo you.

    Naw, I never would have gone for a Disetronic. . . .  I sent for their
information, tried to get hold of their rep, and it seemed to me they just
didn't need the business. That was before they even knew me so it wasn't my
magnetic personality.<BIG GRIN> Besides that, I'll pick the "American Made"
products every time. Even after all the posts I have read here I'm not the
least bit sorry for getting the 507. As a matter of fact if and when I need
another it will be a MiniMed. "How sweet it USED to be."
    Gus left me what looks like a 3 gallon can of popcorn today, just what
this fatboy needs, but with the pump I can eat every kernel. Ha
    Hope your running light clears up before you have to have the oil
changed again. I hate to hear your having more trouble. I have had so many
problems with mine that they are watering like the devil just thinking about
what you may have ahead of you. I'll donate you one of mine cuz if Rosie
catches me with all this popcorn she will kill me and I won't need it.
Love ya,

Buddy '-)