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[IP] Retinopathy in reponse to Michelle

In a message dated 98-01-06 17:11:18 EST, Michelle wrote

>  I wondered if immediate increased control contributed to existing
>  retinopathy.  

my guess is yes but I didn't notice a huge amount MORe after going on the pump
- it has been pretty steadily bleeding...kinda like a tire with a slow leak

> But congrats on the weight loss
After I lost all that weight, I then went to France for 2 weeks and lost
another 8 pounds...and ate WELL - ever hear of Nutella - it is the wrath of
god descended upon diabetics...a heazlenut chocolate spread that is worth
EVERY freaking unit of insulin it takes!  Of course i was hiking in the Alps
and walking all over the place so that oculd have had some effect.

>the thought of losing your sight can be scarry.  

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (did I make that emphatic enough?)

Good luck with your new hubby's insurance - does anyone have a single relative
or friend with good insurance?  I would make someone a horrible wife, but a
great insurance risk!

>  How long have you been on the pump?

Since March something 1993
> Maybe I need to be in a chat group but I love babble.  Keep it coming. 
>  You've got a great sense of humor. 
Thanks Michelle:  ANYONE?  Is there an online chat group for us people?
especially on AOL? or and IRC or something like that??