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[IP] Re: Retinal Bleeds

Harriet wote to me but I htought it would be of interest to all:

>Dear Sara,
>I was so sorry to hear about your latest bleed.  I have been coping with the
same >thing lately.

>All my doctors say that lowering BLOOD PRESSURE is as important as lowering
>blood sugars.  My experience has born this out ten years ago when I had my
first >bleed and a few months ago -- My BP was out of control!  The good news
is that >I found a medication that works (a beta blocker).  The bad news is
that it makes >me feel lousy.  I am willing to put up with this in order to
save my eyesight.


First of all sorry to hear about your own trauma with your eyes.  This sucks,
out loud!!

I was aware of the blood pressure affecting the bleeds - my doc said even a
nightmare that raised my blood pressure could cause one, not to mention the
other blood pressure raising stresses of day to day life (driving down the
highway, hailing a cab, 5:00 Friday deadlines...), or taking Advil, naprosyn -
and those other good pain relievers that work like Tylenol doesn't...BUT my
blood pressure is actually one of the few things that DOES work right!  It was
high back in college, but I also weighed 30 pounds more.  (can you say
freshman 10 and then some??)

Since college I have lost all that (and could stand to lose another 20) but my
bp has been normal since the late 80s.  I have been on Norvasc and/or Capoten
since 94 for my kidneys.  Now I am on Capoten.  I think it is an ace inhibitor
that is normally used for blood pressure.  My bp now hovers aroun 100/65 - At
first I had to watch it when I stood up real fast - now I am used to it, and
don't notice any side affects other than a nightime cough.....which sucks too
cuz sometimes I cough so hard I make my eye bleed.

It is usually at times of great uproar in my life I have noticed.  The day my
contract in Texas ended.  The day I got my first independent contract gig, the
first day back after a wonderful vacation.  Then there are the unexplainable
ones...sitting in bed needlepointing, eating dinner.

knock on wood - this one seems to be clearing relatively fast...As long as the
eye can clear it on its own, I don't think I'll have to have the other
vitrectomy - and I don't wanna have it!