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Re: [IP] higher target range for retinopathy?

>I was having bleeds before I went on the pump and I was NOT in good 
>even tho I was on MI.  When I was considering tyhe pump and had to 
>prove my
>worth, so to speak, by keeping a log book of testing and eating, was 
>the first
>time I ever really consciously tried to keep my sugar down.  When I 
>went on
>the pump, my A1cs dropped immediately - from 10 or so to 6.2!   I also 
>lost 12
>pounds, due to the fact that I had to write down every time I ate 
>it started to look embarassing, so I just stopped eating them so 
I wondered if immediate increased control contributed to existing
retinopathy.  I guess a few studies validate the fact even though my Dr
denys it.  But congrats on the weight loss, but I know that the thought
of losing your sight can be scarry.  My retinopathy has stabilized, I
think.  I am waiting the 30 days to get onto John's insurance to find out
and do anything like laser.  I am taking getting under better control
very slowwly...Thanksgiving and Christmas helped.
How long have you been on the pump?

>something - I sdometimes get tunnel vision when I get low - so I know
>something is going on in them eyeballs.
I was experiencing that too for a while.

Maybe I need to be in a chat group but I love babble.  Keep it coming. 
You've got a great sense of humor.