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[IP] Congrats & misc.

Michelle, Congratulations and Best Wishes on wedded bliss.  And, sounds like
he has great insurance!  Icing on the cake!!!

Bob, taslking about the old days and the original needles we had to boil.
Weren't those things the pits!  I am so grateful for all the technology that
has come along for the treatment of diabetes.

For you retinopathy sufferers.  There is hope.  Don't lose faith.  I had some
major bleeds while I was pregnant in 1979, and afterwards, through 1981, right
after I had moved to a new town and knew nobody.  I had laser treatments in my
right eye several times. (only my right eye was affected).  I have not had any
problems now since summer, 1981.. My retina doc is just amazed at the
stability of my eyes, given my history.  (I've had diabetes 36 years now)  I
went on the pump in July, 1983.  Just try to get the best care possible.