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[IP] Re: Thank you

>Happy anniversary!!  One year on the pump!  Just think how much you've
>in this year.  My anniversary is on the 28th, time sure does fly...
>Mary Jean

    It is wonderful too how good it feels to really "Feel Good"! I am amazed
every day what a difference this pump makes. I have had the "crud" flu like
symptoms, for the past 4 weeks and a couple of days were bad alright, but
even on my worst day in the past year I have felt better than my best day
before getting my pump!
    Having all you to confer and argue just a little sure has helped. I love
all of you for putting up with me and sharing all your past experiences.
That means the world to me. So Thank You Mary Jean, and the rest of you
sweet people too.

Buddy '-)