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Re: [IP] higher target range for retinopathy?

In a message dated 98-01-03 17:59:50 EST, Michelle wrote:

>  Sara,
>  You said something about keeping your bg at 160 because of retinopathy. 
>  Tell me more. 

I was having bleeds before I went on the pump and I was NOT in good control
even tho I was on MI.  When I was considering tyhe pump and had to prove my
worth, so to speak, by keeping a log book of testing and eating, was the first
time I ever really consciously tried to keep my sugar down.  When I went on
the pump, my A1cs dropped immediately - from 10 or so to 6.2!   I also lost 12
pounds, due to the fact that I had to write down every time I ate Fritos...and
it started to look embarassing, so I just stopped eating them so much...

ANYWAY, the bleeds have not stopped.  When I went on the pump, my retina
specialist and my CDE (Gerri at Home Medical now) and grudgingly, my icky
endo, said to aim for fasting bs of 100-150, saying that really it seemed that
really tight control made the eyes get worse...they said eventually it would
even out...As I have said before I am still waiting.

Just about anything can make it bleed - a nightmare, lifting boxes, stress.  I
was just SITTING HERE yesterday (stressed about the first day back at work and
the pile facing me and WHAMMY

Two weeks ago at my kidney drug study visit, the nurse said that it is the
lows that cause the bleeds - the constricting of the blood vessels.  or
something - I sdometimes get tunnel vision when I get low - so I know
something is going on in them eyeballs.

As far as I understand it, which may not be much, I think I am to aim for this
100-150 for the rest of my "career" (god that sounds horrible - when can I
retire, who is makig contributions to my 401K, do I get 2 weeks paid

Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back and thanks for letting me babble

MICHELLE:  congrats on wedding bells and maybe more importantly (just kidding)
the great new coverage) - and by coverage I mean insurance, not the hunny heh
ehe heh.  I'll be in Irvine in 3 weeks

RANDALL: - great musings

KARLA:  come back!!