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Re: [IP] Bruising from injections


 I'm a guy who injected for over 40 years and I have bruised on occasion.
Many of these bruises resulted from slight bleeding beneath the skin
surface, and typically disappeared within several days. I do have one
bruise on my arm which is still faintly visible, from approximately 15
years ago. I have to think this is very unusual though. This happened in an
area which was probably not a good "target zone" to begin with.

After a while, I learned when injecting to *not* pinch up the skin too
tightly. I always tried to pinch up a loose bunch of skin and inject there.
Seems when I pinched the skin too tightly, there was much more resistance,
increased discomfort and greater chance for bruising.

And yes, for approximately 30 years, I was one of the "insert the needle
slowly" people. Once I learned the newer disposable needles were no match
for the "old fashioned" ones (the old ones required boiling before each
use, occasional "de burring" on the inside of a drinking glass to remove
the burrs from the end of the needle, etc.), I became a lot bolder and
became one of the dart board advocates. It worked well for me.

As far as inserting infusion sets, I have "returned to my roots", and
always insert them slowly ;-) This does not bother me at all.

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

>Do men get that bruising too from injections?  It seems that females
>very easily from what I've seen.  I've never gotten a bruise from a
>and don't know of any guys that have gotten bruising.. but I know plenty
>of women that get bruising from needles... Is this just anecdotal, or
>just my experience?  and if it is true, why?
<remainder snipped>