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Re: [IP] Minimed's new continuous glucose sensor

At the time I was in the study, 3 months ago, the hairlike wire was
inside the canula.  And the blood sugars were printed up on the screen on
the sensors box.  Just like how the pump tells us how much insulin we
have bolused.  At this time the pump and sensor are not connected, so it
would not matter which pump you were on.  It's kind of like your meter,
you calculate your insulin need based on the numbers you recieve.  And
yes it should be able to alarm at both the  hyperglycemic blood sugar
level and at hypoglycemic danger levels.  But from what I was told the
first model will just have hypoglycemic alarms.  This is what I mean
about not getting our hopes up too high.  From what I heard, it will be a
while before it comes out in a form that will be useable for most of the
diabetic population..But this info is months old...I am going to a
meeting next month where I should be able to bring more updated
info...meanwhile keep asking those reps for info...and get back to us
with anything you manage ,"to pry from their cold dead fingers" to quote
Sara...she's so funny...sorry to hear about your bleed....See Minimed we
need this technology NOW before anymore of this sensless suffering goes
on anymore!!!!Please help us!!!!!

PS.  We took the plunge and got married, so I am a tax deduction and will
be a huge burden on John's health insurance.  This means that after a
month I will be on Blue cross and will not have to use Kaiser for my
laser surgery.  I come to them(blue cross) with retinopathy and a cyst on
my ovary, possibly endometriosis needing endoscopic surgery. Know any
good endos, obgyns or retinologists in Orange County?     Maybe at St.
Joeseph's in Orange.  It also means I will have prescription coverage. 
Huge burden lifted.  Kaiser didn't even pay for my insulin! Now I will
have DME and pump supplies.   I'm glad I've changed insurance because I
didn't really feel comfortable with the Drs. that were going to be
performing surgery on me.

Anyways, my new hunny cleaned out his side of the computer and zorched
all my internet bookmarks.  I am lost.  If anyone has any favorite places
they like to go on the net, I'd appreciate it.  It's a jungle out there. 
I especially am interested in diabetes, of course, and medical databases.
 I had just found virtual nurse.  And humor.  I have lost Bell labs
address for the voice to text synthesizer.  I have even lost Michaels
home page.  It's like forgetting your own name. "need imput"  There was
this great site that had all the famous quotes from movies, etc., in the
characters voices.

On Mon, 05 Jan 1998 18:22:58 -0500 email @ redacted writes:
>This is interesting.. Especially for someone about to start on a 
>Disetronic pump.. seems like it would make more sense to get the 
>pump to enjoy this newfound technology.  But what I'd like to know is,
>Is this technology independent of the type of pump you have? Or does 
>just give a reading?  If the device gets a reading and then 
>your insulin flow dependent upon the result, then I would have to 
>it would
>only work with the MiniMed pump..???? 
>Janine Shea wrote:
>> I think this glucose sensor sounds absolutely amazing!  I am very 
>> I just talked to my Minimed rep about the glucose sensor and he says 
>> they are hoping the it will be available in the US in approximately 
>> months and here in Canada soon after that.  The sense I got is that 
>once it
>> gets here, it will be available to everyone immediately.  The only 
>> problem in BC will be that the provincial government will not want 
>to pay
>> for any of it.  But they just got around to acknowledging the value 
>> blood testing strips, so...
>> He said it was hard wired.  Does this mean metal in the skin?  I 
>love my
>> cannulas!!  But it would be worth it.  And he said that you can set 
>a high
>> level and a low level and if your blood glucose hits either, the 
>> will go off.
>> Now hopefully the time frame I was told is accurate and we won't 
>have to
>> wait for years.
>> Janine
>> Type 1 for 18 years
>> pump for 13 years
>> -----------------------
>> Vancouver, BC, Canada
>> email @ redacted