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Re: [IP] Minimed's new continuous glucose sensor

This is interesting.. Especially for someone about to start on a 
Disetronic pump.. seems like it would make more sense to get the MiniMed
pump to enjoy this newfound technology.  But what I'd like to know is,
Is this technology independent of the type of pump you have? Or does it
just give a reading?  If the device gets a reading and then manipulates
your insulin flow dependent upon the result, then I would have to assume
it would
only work with the MiniMed pump..???? 

Janine Shea wrote:
> I think this glucose sensor sounds absolutely amazing!  I am very excited.
> I just talked to my Minimed rep about the glucose sensor and he says that
> they are hoping the it will be available in the US in approximately 3
> months and here in Canada soon after that.  The sense I got is that once it
> gets here, it will be available to everyone immediately.  The only initial
> problem in BC will be that the provincial government will not want to pay
> for any of it.  But they just got around to acknowledging the value of
> blood testing strips, so...
> He said it was hard wired.  Does this mean metal in the skin?  I love my
> cannulas!!  But it would be worth it.  And he said that you can set a high
> level and a low level and if your blood glucose hits either, the sensor
> will go off.
> Now hopefully the time frame I was told is accurate and we won't have to
> wait for years.
> Janine
> Type 1 for 18 years
> pump for 13 years
> -----------------------
> Vancouver, BC, Canada
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