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Re: [IP] Re: Cost of supplies (living) $$$$$

> >You kinda miss how it works.  The insurance company pays a flat 'fixed'
> >amount, and they don't care what they are billed.
> >Michael
>     I have not missed a thing. I have done my homework very well. I realize
> that they don't pay what is billed. When I first received my pump one year
> ago the company "I was forced to deal with" because of the politics
> involved, billed my insurance 12,000.00 dollars for a pump that costs only
> $4,595.00. This is not the price Blue Cross paid. . . .  they paid only
> $3,200.00. I know how the system works you see. Now, what kind of tax breaks
> do you think these "supply companies" get from this tremendous "loss" they
> are showing and what do you think this does to the price you have to pay
> when your deductible has not been met? Surely you don't think this is
> helping us ???
Naw, it's just to rip you off when insurance does not pay.
M :-}
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