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Re: [IP] Minimed's new continuous glucose sensor

First, I would like to say that we should try to get accurate information
from Bill from Minimed.  He has subscribed to this list but has remained
silent....Chicken!!!<grin>Any kind of info you could give us would be
greatly appreciated.

It's awesome, it works.  It is only usable for 3 to 4 days like an
infusion set.  The sensor is a little wire that is inserted into a
comfort type of infusion set, I think? I have never used comforts and I
wasn't on the pump and educated on infusion sets at the time.  Minimed
says it will cost the same as test strips.  The part that is subcutaneous
is connected to a wire connected to a box  about the size of the pump. 
They are working on making it wireless so that the electronics could be
on a watchband.  Ultimately it will be a closed loop system in which we
will not be involved in calculating insulin dose based on our blood
sugars.  Like I've said before, a mechanical cure...but don't get your
hopes up too fast cuz it will be a few years before it trickles down to
use in the general diabetic population.  I guess they will first let Drs.
use it on newly diagnosed patients to wear like a holter monitor? ???I
guess if that works more people will get to use it.  We diabetics have
come a long way.....think about it, before 1921 it was an immediate death
sentance, now we have the pump and soon the glucose sensor, Yeah!