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Re: [IP] Bruising from injections

On  5 Jan 98 at 11:11, email @ redacted wrote:

> Do men get that bruising too from injections?  It seems that females
> bruise
> very easily from what I've seen.  I've never gotten a bruise from a
> needle
> and don't know of any guys that have gotten bruising.. but I know plenty
> of women that get bruising from needles... Is this just anecdotal, or
> just my experience?  and if it is true, why?

I used to get bruises all the time from injections.  My arms used to 
look bad enough that I didn't like to wear short sleeved shirts - 
with all the black, blue and strange colors it looked bad.  I have 
bruised a couple of times from the infusion sites too.  

Male, 40 years old, 15 years of dart board and technicolor 
arms, legs and stomach experience before getting a pump...

Randall Winchester

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