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[IP] Priming, was "Showering with the pump"


You may already know this, but let me offer this info / clarification:

Priming is done to purge the new tubing of air, and for MiniMed pumps, to
ensure that the pump motor driver arms are seated fully against the
reservoir plunger. For the Disetronic, purging also ensures that the piston
rod is seated fully against the insulin cartridge plunger. Once the pump is
primed (for example, after changing an infusion set, cartridge / reservoir)
it is usually not primed again until a new infusion set is attached to the
pump, when the cartridge / reservoir is changed, or when you need to clear
the tubing of a large bubble :-(

When a user disconnects temporarily for shower or other activity, it is not
necessary to "prime" the tubing again, since the tubing already contains
insulin. However, before I re attach my pump, I will often bolus .5 or 1.0
unit *before connecting*, because it is a convenient time to check to see
that insulin is flowing out of the tubing end, and everything is working o.k..

If you are disconnected for a period of time, it may be necessary to bolus
a small amount to make up for the basal insulin you missed while you were
disconnected. This timing and amount will vary among users. It seems that
this "replacement bolus" is what you are referring to in your message as
"priming the pump after taking it off".

The MiniMed Silhouette (or Comfort / Tender) infusion set ships with a
small "clip" which is designed to snap into the cannula base (part which is
taped to you) when you disconnect for showering or whatever. This protects
the cannula portion while you are disconnected and prevents stuff from
getting into the end of the cannula base. There is another piece which
clips to the tubing part of the set during the disconnect as well.

If you placed this clip on the portion of the set which is attached to your
body, you should be able to bathe with it and not worry about water getting
in. (This part of the cannula base also tends to "seal" itself when you
remove the tubing end. I don't know what this sealing action is technically
referred to. I view it as kind of a one way "fluid lock". The seal does not
allow anything to flow in or out of the seal until the tubing is inserted).

I know these sets work just fine for showers, but I'm not a "bath guy" ;-)
Now if you soak for an hour or so in the tub, I imagine the adhesive on the
tape can start to loosen. Perhaps a "soaker" person can let you know how
this works.

I've rambled again ...

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

Nancy asked:

>Do you have to prime the pump after taking it off for a shower or
>an "intimate moment".   I know that I take it off for such moments
>and if I am off for a half hour I pump in .5 units of Humalog OR if
>I am off for an hour I pump in 1 unit of Humalog. ( this is what I
>take on an hourly rate normally)
>Here is a question for y'all.....
>How do I take a bath with the site?  I am using the Silhouette set
>by MM.   Will the bath water get in the site or in the canular?
>Signed a non pump user in the shower,
>email @ redacted
Remainder snipped ...