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Re: [IP] Showering with the pump

     As a Disetronic user, I never remove my pump. Tis the season to be sick
and I have one heck of a head cold so I soaked in a steamy bath for about 45
minutes, just set the pump on the edge of the tub. I guess there is something
to be said for being short b/c I do the same when I shower. I set the pump
inside the shower on the side of the tub which is cooler than the water. I
don't worry with the red cap they provide to keep water from getting into the
insulin area when I shower.
     During the summer, I often spend a weekends at the beach. I don't do
anything "special" when swimming in the ocean outside of using the red cap. I
check my site more often and usually change it every 2-3 days which is twice
my norm.