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Re: [IP] Bruising from injections

Do men get that bruising too from injections?  It seems that females
very easily from what I've seen.  I've never gotten a bruise from a
and don't know of any guys that have gotten bruising.. but I know plenty
of women that get bruising from needles... Is this just anecdotal, or
just my experience?  and if it is true, why?

URTAsef wrote:
> I don't know how old your daughter is cuz I am lazy and haven't looked at your
> profile (sorry), but I was dxed at age 10 - they had me practice on oranges
> and pillow, but never myself.  I was _only_ 10 of course and MUCH too young to
> take care of myself (back in 1974).  Consequently my mom did all my shots for
> the next couple of years and thus was at the mercy of her dartboard technique.
> Finally at about age 12, I summoned the courage to tell her that it hurt and
> could she do it dif....   She said here do it yourself...so I did......nice
> and slow and she never did another one.  My arms still got some brusies as did
> my legs, just cuz that is a natural reaction when you poke a hard metal object
> into the fragile human skin, but they subsides.
> Does your daughter use her legs or tummy?  Much less pain there than in the
> Bee-hind - there is a giant nerve there that my dear darling mummy managed to
> nail every time.
> Sara who no longer looks like a dartboard, except after rotating sites...and I
> kinda LIKE that sticky stuff on my stomach for two days...especially when the
> black fuzz from my clothes starts to stick to it 8-)