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Re: [IP] Showering with the pump

Hi there.. Should be starting this month... I'm on Cobra and the
company I got on Cobra with just switched their insurance vendor
so now I don't even know if my Doctor is covered under them, so it might
take longer.  I certainly don't regret waiting a little, because I
have learned alot about it before even trying it.. sort of punching
the learning curve in it's bell shaped nose :)  Will let ya know..

Mjrenstrom wrote:
> In a message dated 98-01-04 21:26:30 EST, you write:
> > The D pump allows you to completely disconnect with no "pigtail" and I
> >  would imagine the "pigtail" would cause the insulin left in to be
> >  destroyed
> >  by the hot water.  Of course this is still theoretical for me still..
> >  Forrest
> >
> Forrest,
> There is no problem with the hot water and the insulin in the "pigtail" from
> minimed's sofsets.  It is still effective -- after all, it is next to your
> 98.6 degree body for days on end.  Velosulin, in particular, was designed to
> withstand the high temperatures at the equator for three months.
> By the way, are you still waiting to begin pumping?  What is the status?
> Mary Jean