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Re: [IP] Re: Cost of supplies (living) $$$$$

>You kinda miss how it works.  The insurance company pays a flat 'fixed'
>amount, and they don't care what they are billed.

    I have not missed a thing. I have done my homework very well. I realize
that they don't pay what is billed. When I first received my pump one year
ago the company "I was forced to deal with" because of the politics
involved, billed my insurance 12,000.00 dollars for a pump that costs only
$4,595.00. This is not the price Blue Cross paid. . . .  they paid only
$3,200.00. I know how the system works you see. Now, what kind of tax breaks
do you think these "supply companies" get from this tremendous "loss" they
are showing and what do you think this does to the price you have to pay
when your deductible has not been met? Surely you don't think this is
helping us ???

Buddy '-I