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Re: [IP] Re: Cost of supplies (living) $$$$$

> Buddy, I agree those billing prices are outrageous!!!! I think I would agree
> wtih you about calling your senator, etc.  How about including your insurance
> commissioner on that list, with a copy of that bill.  These companies surely
> can't be non-profit.  If MiniMed is listening here,they need to know how
> people are being gouged also and make sure that Home Medical doesn't do the
> same. I guess there was no need to bill for the late supplies as Express Med
> already had a profit covered in their billing plan. Go for it, Buddy!!!!
You kinda miss how it works.  The insurance company pays a flat 'fixed' 
amount, and they don't care what they are billed. The gotcha is this.  
When the insurance company does not pay, such as when you are in your 
deductible phase early in the year, YOU must pay what is billed, not the 
insurance amount.  These companies are screwing us, not the insurance 
folks. MiniMed (for instance) has a code list (available if you ask) of 
what the insurance companies will pay for everything they sell.  What is 
billed by the final retailer is not of interest to your insurance payor, 
only what they have agreed to on the list.