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Re: [IP] Showering with the pump

In a message dated 98-01-04 21:26:30 EST, you write:

> The D pump allows you to completely disconnect with no "pigtail" and I
>  would imagine the "pigtail" would cause the insulin left in to be
>  destroyed
>  by the hot water.  Of course this is still theoretical for me still..
>  Forrest


There is no problem with the hot water and the insulin in the "pigtail" from
minimed's sofsets.  It is still effective -- after all, it is next to your
98.6 degree body for days on end.  Velosulin, in particular, was designed to
withstand the high temperatures at the equator for three months.  

By the way, are you still waiting to begin pumping?  What is the status?

Mary Jean