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[IP] Darn Insurance Companies

Harriet wrote:

->Dear Lee (and anyone else who has information on this subject)

->I was interested in the fact that you cound get Medigap insurance
->that covered prescriptions.  I am on Medicare (disability) because of
->multiple diabetic-related problems.  I was told that I could not get
->Medigap coverage for any prescriptions.  At the current time I am
->covered for pump supplies by ny husband's work policy, but when he
->retires (soon) that will end.

Dear Harriet,

I suggest that you look into a Medicare supplemental insurance policy
that will cover your supplies when your husband retires.

Mine here in Massachusetts is called Medex, and the version I
subscribe to is called Medex Gold.  It's the most expensive because
it has the greatest coverage, and it's the only one with a pharmacy

Medex is a "product" of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Mass.

Good luck!