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Re: [IP] Showering with the pump

I'm wondering.... why wouldn't you want to disconnect to take a shower?
is it just that you don't want to have to prime the pump again?
I guess this answer might be different for the MM and D pump.
The D pump allows you to completely disconnect with no "pigtail" and I
would imagine the "pigtail" would cause the insulin left in to be
by the hot water.  Of course this is still theoretical for me still..

Mjrenstrom wrote:
> In a message dated 98-01-04 20:47:12 EST, you write:
> > So to those of you thinking about this jump into the pool of very happy
> >  people who did..for those of you who have been on so much longer than me
> >  try to remember what that first month anniversary  felt like and share
> >  this moment with me.
> >
> Chris,
> Glad you tested the water.  It just keeps getting better with each month.  So
> glad to hear things are going well.  I'm coming up on my one year mark on Jan.
> 28th.
> Mary Jean
> P.S.  I disconnect for the shower.... freedom!!!