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Re: [IP] 1month anniversary

Wow!  And good for you.  Thank you for reminding me about all these things.
I have been on the pump for 13 years (Dec 18th, I think), and I really
take it for granted.  I totally agree about 42 inch tubing!  I tried
shorter once and ripped it out in the shower.  Yowch!

Type 1 for 18 years
pump for 13 years (minimed 506)

>it's one month to the day since I started pumping and I am soooo happy!
(much excellent stuff snipped)
>So to those of you thinking about this jump into the pool of very happy
>people who did..for those of you who have been on so much longer than me
>try to remember what that first month anniversary  felt like and share
>this moment with me.
>my motto ... and choice for a tee shirt logo
>I can pump it up 24 hours a day...can you??....chris from Ind 8-)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted