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[IP] 1month anniversary

it's one month to the day since I started pumping and I am soooo happy!
Part of that happiness is due to this group answering some much needed
questions and the rest I have to credit to my wonderous pump! I have
learned a few new things and discovered some new things along the way.
Like 42" tubing seems too long until you take a shower -then it doesn't
seem long enough - one must remember if you turn left the return trip is
to the right! Learned that some of the gizmos like the shower buddy - is
just a glorified plastic soap travel carrier with a piece of elsatic and
a baggie - I could have made my own and saved a bundle just by drilling
a hole into the narrow side of one of those soap carriers to allow the
tubing to stick through and using a strong rubber band around it -
replace the suction cups with stick on velcro one side to the soap dish
and the other to my shower wall -split the baggie down the middle 3/4
way up and tada ...shower buddy  a soft baby sock is cheaper than the
sleep pouch with a safety pin and you get two of them(socks) for less
than the cost of one of those. Never ever get amorous and undress your
pump partner in the dark unless your pump partner has safely secured
their pump out of the clothing...best to light a few fragrant candles to
add to the romantic mood - then you won't be yelping when your cannula
is pulled out of your body...it sorta spoils the mood..ahem! Never ever
place your soft set at the same level you have to lean over the washer
to get the wet clothes out of the washer..it can irritate the site!
Always use Uni Solv cause that polyskin really sticks and it not the
cannula that is painful to remove, it's the tape -unless.. you enjoy
having a skin peel.
If you use moisturizing soap before you place your tape be prepared for
it to not stick as well - gotta use alcohol, hibcleans and or skin
learn how to suddenly be able to say dinner at 8 - sure no problem
sleep in sounds good to me..skip lunch had a late breakfast due to blood
sugar testing ....no problem...
So to those of you thinking about this jump into the pool of very happy
people who did..for those of you who have been on so much longer than me 
try to remember what that first month anniversary  felt like and share
this moment with me. 

my motto ... and choice for a tee shirt logo

I can pump it up 24 hours a day...can you??....chris from Ind 8-)