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Re: [IP] weight gain

Title: Re: [IP] weight gain
> Date: Sat, 3 Jan 1998 19:38:16 EST
>In a message dated 98-01-03 15:44:23 EST, email @ redacted writes:

>I've been pumping for almost one year and haven't gained a pound. Actually, I
>was kind of hoping to. So, no, it is not a "given".
>By the way, what kind of crafts do you do? I'm an avid quilter.

Hi Mary Jean:
Although I don't "do" crafts, my wife is a quilter. I steal her bag balm and udder cream that she purchases at the quilting show. I find these products better than average for my finger tips.
Best Regards,
Ernest Hayman
type 2, MDI, 20 years