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[IP] Re: Figured out ?? You betcha!

Sissy wrote:
They have it all figured out about
> when I should need to reorder, and the number of days it will take to
> and get the order to  me....and then they give me the date that I should
> reorder.

    You bet they have it figured out. Call them tomorrow and request a copy
of the invoice they charged your insurance for the orders for 97. They can't
deny you that information. Then when you get it back let us know how happy
you are with them. I'm not trying to start trouble here I just want you to
realize that these people are using up your major medical almost three times
as fast as necessary. I don't expect ANY business to provide services
without making a profit. . . . . .  Where do you draw the line between
profit and robbery?
    I have a price list from MiniMed, if I remember correctly, a box of 42"
Softsets (12) sells for $115.00. The company I WAS doing business with was
charging $329.85 for the same box of 12 softsets! Don't take my word for it,
check it out for yourselves. I'll bet they even have an 800 number. Check it
out. . . . .

Buddy '-I