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RE: [IP] weight gain

>           One thing I commented to my hubby on soon after starting to pump
> that for the first time that I could remember  - I felt hungry in the
> a meal sense" & not in the "low sugar sense".  It was a nice recognition &
> then I could appreciate the way people are when dieting.

Yes, I discovered this VERY quickly when I started pumping.  For the first
time I could remember, I was feeling hungry because I was just hungry, not

I also discovered that MUCH more often when I get thirsty it's just because
I really need something to drink, not because I'm going high (I wasn't
always high when thirsty before the pump either, so this wasn't a NEW
experience, but it's still a lot more frequent now)

Greg Legowski
Why is it that people always seem to react to food and diabetes in one of 2
ways -- "Don't eat that!" or "Come on, a little won't hurt"?