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Re: [IP] weight gain

Hi  Nancy  & all!    Happy New year 
          This may start as redundant to the other responses,  but  I have
lost a little since going on the pump & am happy.  
         MY THEORY is that now that our body responds right away to
sugar/carbo's the way other people's body does to those things we have to
treat eating the same way.  If we eat a lot of extra because we Now Can & just
bolus then we are like the others in that the energy is going straight in :-)
Thus weight gain from the freedom obtained for some people.  However If you
want to loose a few pounds we need to eat less (like them) too.  Which to me
always was hard to do w/ MDI.  I was never able to loose any pounds when on
MDI  but have lost about 8 -10 since pumping.  
          One thing I commented to my hubby on soon after starting to pump was
that for the first time that I could remember  - I felt hungry in the "missed
a meal sense" & not in the "low sugar sense".  It was a nice recognition &
then I could appreciate the way people are when dieting.  
          I now don't eat breakfast as much & am trying to make sure that I do
eat Balanced meals as I tend to just watch carbs so wasn't paying attention to
anything much else.  I am trying to get back on track with Balanced eating & I
do feel that the carbs work better with my BGs when I eat/drink  protein with
them.  ie; A small glass of milk with my oreos treat me better than just oreos
alone.  This may not be for some but seems to be for me.
        Anyway - You are not Guarenteed to Gain or Lose weight on the pump.
It is really up to you & if you change your eating - either way     IMHO.
Take care.. Kathi        IDDM 30 yrs/ Pumping since May97/ Humalog/ MM507/

"Smile, Its good for you & doesn't cost a thing."