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Re: [IP] Re:Bill Van Antwerp, nervous hands, musings and more

We need a t-shirt with this slogan on it.  We'd probably have to get 
clearance from MiniMed though...  I'd like one that says "I'll give 
up my MiniMed 507 when they pry my cold dead fingers from it"... And 
we'd have to make one for the D folks too...   Hmm...  Color 
Printer, T-shirt transfer paper from Wal-Mart,  all I need is a BMP 
image of a pump (maybe)...
I love that idea Randall, and I think Minimed might freak out just
a little, at least their marketing Department.  Associating their pump
with "cold dead fingers" might make them a little uptight.  I think they
would prefer something that creates a more positive association of the
"life" it lengthens, but you'd be hard pressed to come up with a
snappier one than Sara did though..  You might run into copyright
infringements with that too as I think "Smith and Wesson" already says
the same thing about their "guns":)