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[IP] Re: Cost of supplies (living) $$$$$

Sunday 1/4/97
Hey Gang,
    Here is a copy of a message I sent to Sissy on the 22nd. of last month.
I had put it on the back burner for the time being but after what Randall
wrote last night I thought I would send it to ya'll. Come on Karla, talk to

>This is exactly why the health care field is having the problems that it
>Where did all this begin?
    You remember our conversation last month about the dollar value on our
pumps and supplies? Friday a week ago I received an order from the company I
use to get my pump supplies. Express Med. I posted their name and pertinent
information to the members of the list. I don't think this is wrong but it
may not be quite right either??????
    Like I said, last Friday I received this box (1) by UPS and it was from
Express Med. I opened it and inside there was 4 vials of Velosulin and 1 box
of MMT 103 Syringe Reservoirs. I had not ordered these items but knowing it
is close to the end of the year and I would surely use them . . . . . I
called the company and was going to tell them this was an unsolicited order
but I would use them and get them to send me the softsets to go with the
reservoirs. The young lady told me on the phone that I had not received the
complete order! That box I received was 1 of two. She then told me they had
(supposedly) sent the first box the day before I got this little box?????
    She then told me that if I hadn't received the box with the softsets it
must be lost in shipment and she would duplicate the order at no cost to me
or my insurance company. I got her name, as I have made it a habit of doing,
and asked her if she would send me an itemized list of all the things I had
ordered from them and what they charged my insurance company. She told me
she could do that and she would but could not include what my insurance
company allowed for each item.
    I received in the mail today the itemized list:
7                        Advantage Test Strips     100/box
4                        Lancets                               100/box
1                        Lancet device
1                        Advantage Control Solution
2                        MMT-115    Quick Release    42" Sft St
1                        MMT-104    Power Kit
1                        MMT-134    Polyskin Tape Dressing
2                        Velosulin BR    10CC vial

Now Sissy, I ask you, is this what you call "fair pricing"? You asked me if
those few things besides your pump amounted to better than $2000.00 ?
MiniMed only charges $115.00 for one box of softsets. That would mean
$230.00 for what these people are charging $659.70 . We need to get wise and
ask questions before we let these companies do this to us. If you have a
Major Medical Cap on your insurance ??????? you will get there three times
faster like this. What can we do? I will be on the phone in the morning to
my Congressman and my Senator to see what they can do. People have napped
while the fox has slipped in here and ate all the chickens!
Confused and mad,
Buddy '-I