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Re: [IP] weight gain

On  3 Jan 98 at 15:42, Nancy Ludwig wrote:

> I am not trying to sound shallow....
> BUT  :-)   Is it a general rule that once on the pump you gain weight?
> I have been on it for 3 weeks and have found that I have lost 5-7 pounds.
> I think that this is because I do not HAVE to snack at night to get me through
> the night when I was on my MI plan. (Humalog and Ultralente)  Which is really
> nice because at times I was not hungary and just wanted to go to bed.
> Now, I have found that I do eat more freely the sweets, because I am carb
> counting now.

Possibly.  I am loosing weight too - my doctor has been mumbling 
about the body metabolism adjusting to having the bg in a normal 
range most of the time and not retaining fluid as it tends to do when 
the bg is over 200.   

> So back to my original question...  Is there going to be a weight gain?

Unfortunately we still have to follow some discipline.  I'm working 
on getting on a regular exercise routine now that I don't have to 
worry about a low bg at the Y.   It's easy to eat all that good stuff 
and bolus appropriately.  The problem is that if I don't burn it up 
with activity it goes straight to my waistline.  

> Munching on this cloudy Saturday,
> Nancy
> email @ redacted
> type 1 DM for 11 yrs, 25 yrs old, MM 507 pumper, Humalog,
> Married for 6 yrs, have a darling 3 yr. old daughter, I love to do
> crafts and eat OREO cookies :-)

How has your daughter reacted to the pump?  My twin boys (3 in 2 
weeks) have been curious once they got over the upsetting notion that 
Daddy had a bandage on his stomach.  Now we talk about the idea that 
it is Daddy's medicine box, nobody but Daddy touches it, and things 
are getting better now.  That satisfies them.  

Randall Winchester

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