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Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

On  2 Jan 98 at 23:09, ZIMMY64 wrote:

> Ya know guys, I just try to understand ya'll. I never said anything, (in my
> opinion), to cause such a ruffle in anyone's feathers, but from now on, I am
> not going to post anything unless someone directly has a question they need
> answering. I have been with this list from the beginning, but I am getting
> tired of some of you fighting about things. I don't mind the disagreeing.
> Heck, sometimes I disagree with someone I love from this group, like old big
> mouth, Buddy! But I don't go nuts on him either.
> Oh, and for all who are wondering, I still am on the planet. Living healthy
> and happy in Atlanta. God, and I'm taking care of the likes of 78 children's
> wellbeing every day now! I wonder how I manage that, being a dumb@#%, and all.

Just fortunate, I guess...<grin>  Glad you're healthy and happy in 
Atlanta.  I've spent a bit of time there attending computer classes 
and it's a good place, even for an ol country boy like me...

> I do want to say something nice before I go to all my friends out here. Thank
> you all for making me so happy. Ya'll will never get to see how you have
> touched me. So many of you have suported me, gave me info that I really
> needed, or just sent me a "Hello" when I was feeling down. My special thanks
> go out to Michael. You are a terrific man in so many different ways. I'm glad
> God gave you the talent of being so good with the PC, so great with Lily, and
> so kind to all of us. You are patient beyond compare.
> Glenn, I think about you every day and pray for you. I pray for all of us,
> that we can just go one more day. That's all I ask for. Thank God He gives me
> that much.
> Take care everyone!
> Karla

As far as I can tell you've contributed to the list - and am sorry to 
read that your are going "silent" on us...  you'll be missed...  
don't be too quiet!

Randall Winchester

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