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Re: Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps - my insurance has preferences!

On  2 Jan 98 at 21:57, email @ redacted wrote:

> I got my MiniMed 507 pump, and the supplies from Home Medical Supply, Inc. in
> Hollywood, Fl. They are simply terrific! They have it all figured out about
> when I should need to reorder, and the number of days it will take to process
> and get the order to  me....and then they give me the date that I should
> reorder.
> You get one person that you work with (all are very friendly and helpful),
> and you contact that person each time. I have absolutely no complaints about
> the service.
> They also deal with other diabetic supplies.
> Please email me if you need anymore info about them, ie. address, phone
> number.
> Sissy

Check with the prices they are charging your insurance company.  I 
dealt with a company like that - great service and quick shipping.  
The only problem was that they billed my insurance company $150 
dollars for a box of Tegaderm that I can buy over the counter for 
$48.  Other items are similarly overpriced.  I checked with my 
insurance company about changing vendors and they were happy to work 
with me on it.  My calculations show that my share of the cost for 
that box of Tegaderm dropped too.  The argument used by these 
suppliers is that they only get reimbursed a percentage under 
contract - but I still didn't like my insurance company paying $120 
for a $48 product.  Payments like that will eat up your lifetime 
benefit quickly too - and we should be watching that figure too...

You should carefully evaluate any supplier - and find out what they 
bill, what they are paid and determine if  you should continue to do 
business with them.

Randall Winchester

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