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RE: [IP] weight gain

> I've been pumping for almost one year and haven't gained a pound.
Actually, I
> was kind of hoping to.   So, no, it is not a "given".

When I started pumping, I proceeded to LOSE 15 pounds over a span of 3
months.  I was happy, but my endo (and my mother ;-) were worried.  I
realized that it was because when I started pumping, I CUT BACK on snacks,
started skipping breakfast (I'm almost never hungry in the mornings), etc.
So I was eating a lot LESS than I had been.

In the almost-2-years since, I've put 10 of those pounds back on... ;-)

Greg Legowski
Why is it that people always seem to react to food and diabetes in one of 2
ways -- "Don't eat that!" or "Come on, a little won't hurt"?