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Re: [IP] Menstrual cycles and BG/FAQ

In a message dated 98-01-03 14:35:20 EST, you write:

> Have you ever come across any females that have different blood sugars
>  during their menstruat cycle?  If so, how do you tell them to handle it?
>  Sally
>  email @ redacted

I am working on a FAQ for the website on this subject.  I do have elevated BG
before my cycle.  I asked all the women on the list that are experiencing
fluctuations to please email me with their stories.  Unfortunately, I only got
one response so I figured this issue was dead.  But, it keeps coming up
repeatedly.  So I'm asking you and all the other ladies one more time for
info.  I'm also looking for info on the effects of menopause.

Please email me privately at email @ redacted and I will compile the
responses and see if we can make heads or tails out of it.

Mary Jean

Sally, I use a Minimed pump and increase my basal rate slightly when I first
go high.  Usually, after the first day of the cycle, I go low, and so I set
the basals back to normal.  Hope this helps.