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[IP] re Home Medical Supply

FYI:  Minimed has bought out Home medical - I also get my suppluies from them,
and have since 93 - one of my best friends is a CDE, LPN, pump wearing, card
carrying employee of Home Medical - and she is great!  There are several
diabetics with pumps working for the company so they have real understanding
and compassion and all that crap.

As I understand it, If you live oin the east side of the country, and call
Minimed (which is based in CA) to purchase something, you are automatically
directed to and supplied by Home Medical - I guess what it boils down to, is
that Minimed sees a good thing in Home Medical, so maybe more insurance
companies will allow you to purchase your stuff through them.  

Like others have said - Home Medical is absolutely wonderful to work with!  I
used to get called to remind me to order my prescription drugs...and they
would call at 8am, I GENTLY (ha) asked if they coulds please make a note NOT
to call me before 10am.  When I visited them last summer - I saw my screen and
darned if it didn't say "DO NOT CALL CLIENT BEFORE 10AM" - talk about service
with a smile!