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Re: [IP] weight gain


When I went on the pump in April of 1996, I quickly lost about 10 pounds
within the first 4 months, then lost another 8 since then. Seems that this
is due to less overindulging for treating hypos, and elimination of three
snacks during the day. It is also possible that taking less insulin
resulted in some weight loss. Now I treat hypos strictly with Glucose
tablets, snack only when I want to.

For me, the first 8 pounds were nice to lose. The other 10 since then are
missed. Now I would like to gain some back. I need some more "infusion site
real estate" around my middle ;-)

It is frequently stated that pump initiation will result in some weight
gain - probably due to the realization that you have much more freedom with
your diet. I don't think this is a general *rule* though.

If you wanted to lose those pounds, good for you ;-)

Bob Burnett
mailto:email @ redacted

>I am not trying to sound shallow....
>BUT  :-)   Is it a general rule that once on the pump you gain weight?
>I have been on it for 3 weeks and have found that I have lost 5-7 pounds.
>I think that this is because I do not HAVE to snack at night to get me
>the night when I was on my MI plan. (Humalog and Ultralente)  Which is really
>nice because at times I was not hungary and just wanted to go to bed.
>Now, I have found that I do eat more freely the sweets, because I am carb
>counting now.
>So back to my original question...  Is there going to be a weight gain?
>Munching on this cloudy Saturday,
>email @ redacted
>type 1 DM for 11 yrs, 25 yrs old, MM 507 pumper, Humalog,
>Married for 6 yrs, have a darling 3 yr. old daughter, I love to do
>crafts and eat OREO cookies :-)