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Re: [IP] Unsure - what to do...

Dear Kathi,

I don't want to make diabetes my "career" either, but I had bypass
surgery two years ago due to the diabetes - I think - and I NEVER want to
go through with that again so I am trying to keep my blood sugars as
normal as possible along with cholesterols and blood pressure.  That is
my only reason for getting the pump.  I was doing just fine without it. 
No other complications.

diab;39yrs...pump since Nov.24th.
On Sat, 13 Dec 1997 14:33:22 EST SPENHULL <email @ redacted> writes:
>  Don't give up so easily even if you are getting frustrated.  First 
>off I
>would suggest that a SHOT of insulin may be what you should do if you 
>hit 600.
>Yes probably change the site too.  But you should definately use a 
>syringe to
>get the insulin in when you are that high.  Also I have heard that 
>there are
>some times a Bad bottle of Humalog and that may be a problem if the 
>shot would
>not bring it down.  
>          I've been on since May 97 & have not had the desire to 
>Fine tune as well as it seems so many on this list have done. I don't 
>want to
>analyze each & every thing I do in terms of Blood sugars.  Diabetes is 
>not my
>career & I am doing well but still have ups & downs.  I hear people 
>say that
>they don't go low since being on the pump....I still do at times.  I 
>Maybe I don't have my boluses set right as I think my basel is most of 
>time right.   I do still feel like I have better control in spite of 
>things because if I am high or low I can adjust right then & there ( 
>of course
>if I wanted to take 6-7 shots each day I could probably do  almost the 
>          My point being... Don't give up, & think if maybe you are 
>going to
>be better tuned by using the pump.  In 3 mos see the difference in 
>your a1c.
>Give it some time, some people give the impression they were set after 
>2 weeks
>to a month with all their rates.  I don't think I can claim that yet 
>Later on weigh the pros & cons but not yet.    Then you will have more 
>info to
>base your choice on.  Then it will be your informed choice, not just 
>            Most pump users ( me included) would not give up the pump 
>anything short of a CURE.   
>           Sorry to soap box but think about some of these things 
>before you
>quit something you may regret.  Maybe you are better not on the pump, 
>but give
>it some time before you decide.
>                                    Kathi   (dx age 9,  Pump at age