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[IP] weight gain

I am not trying to sound shallow....

BUT  :-)   Is it a general rule that once on the pump you gain weight?

I have been on it for 3 weeks and have found that I have lost 5-7 pounds.
I think that this is because I do not HAVE to snack at night to get me through
the night when I was on my MI plan. (Humalog and Ultralente)  Which is really
nice because at times I was not hungary and just wanted to go to bed.

Now, I have found that I do eat more freely the sweets, because I am carb
counting now.

So back to my original question...  Is there going to be a weight gain?

Munching on this cloudy Saturday,
email @ redacted
type 1 DM for 11 yrs, 25 yrs old, MM 507 pumper, Humalog,
Married for 6 yrs, have a darling 3 yr. old daughter, I love to do
crafts and eat OREO cookies :-)