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[IP] Re:Bill Van Antwerp, nervous hands, musings and more

uh oh... we better watch what we say, now that we have a company man in the
ring with us!  Hi Bill!  8-)

FYI  I LOVE my MM507, by the way, and the only way you will part me from it is
by prying my cold dead fingers from around it!

Hi y'all!  I am BAACCCK from a mahvelous holiday in Florida! Accorind to my
meter, I averaged 169 over the last 14 days (which is perfect for me, duye to
my retinopathy!).   And I ate and drank and had a grand old time with friends
and family.

Re the needle phobia...I have been injectingmyself for more than 24 years and
it will NEVER be an easy thing.  Insetting cold metal into one's skin is not
something our bodies were designed to withstand without some discomfort. Yeah,
I may not feel it at all sometimes, but those times I do...phew!!!!  I can
still bruise myself with the best of them.  I AM NOT A WEENIE, but any7
stretch of the imagination but will be first in line when they produce the
needle-less form of diabetes - believe me, going from 1460 shots per year to
less than 100 has GREATLY improved my quality of life.


Sara, whose reolution is to drink more water and take all 3 capotens every