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Re: [IP] Insulin Pumps - my insurance has preferences!

email @ redacted wrote:
> I got my MiniMed 507 pump, and the supplies from Home Medical Supply, Inc. in
> Hollywood, Fl. They are simply terrific! They have it all figured out about
> when I should need to reorder, and the number of days it will take to process
> and get the order to  me....and then they give me the date that I should
> reorder.
> You get one person that you work with (all are very friendly and helpful),
> and you contact that person each time. I have absolutely no complaints about
> the service.
> They also deal with other diabetic supplies.
> Please email me if you need anymore info about them, ie. address, phone
> number.
> Sissy

I believe Home Medical Supply was just purchased by MiniMed.