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Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

Ya know guys, I just try to understand ya'll. I never said anything, (in my
opinion), to cause such a ruffle in anyone's feathers, but from now on, I am
not going to post anything unless someone directly has a question they need
answering. I have been with this list from the beginning, but I am getting
tired of some of you fighting about things. I don't mind the disagreeing.
Heck, sometimes I disagree with someone I love from this group, like old big
mouth, Buddy! But I don't go nuts on him either.
Oh, and for all who are wondering, I still am on the planet. Living healthy
and happy in Atlanta. God, and I'm taking care of the likes of 78 children's
wellbeing every day now! I wonder how I manage that, being a dumb@#%, and all.

I do want to say something nice before I go to all my friends out here. Thank
you all for making me so happy. Ya'll will never get to see how you have
touched me. So many of you have suported me, gave me info that I really
needed, or just sent me a "Hello" when I was feeling down. My special thanks
go out to Michael. You are a terrific man in so many different ways. I'm glad
God gave you the talent of being so good with the PC, so great with Lily, and
so kind to all of us. You are patient beyond compare.
Glenn, I think about you every day and pray for you. I pray for all of us,
that we can just go one more day. That's all I ask for. Thank God He gives me
that much.
Take care everyone!