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Re: [IP] Forward from Bill at MiniMed re: Humalog Velosulin mixes


>There have been a few comments on mixing Humalog and Velosulin to
>counteract the "loss of site" issues that appear to happen with
>straight Humalog.  SOmeone mentioned that their physician recommended
>this.  Does anyone have a theory how this might work?  We at MiniMed
>have heard this proposed and even heard some anecdotal evidence that
>it works, but how?  I can not think of a mechanism that could allow
>this mixture to work.  Several questions immediately appear when this
>is suggested and the first is what the heck is happening at the site. 
>We are working fairly hard at understanding the issue of site loss in
>some animal experiments and still have not enough leads.  IF anyone in
>the group has a theory no matter how silly you think it sounds, lets
>discuss it.
To properly *fuel* this discussion, it would be of great benefit if you
could define for us how MiniMed perceives the issue of *site loss*.

1)  What are the indicators of site loss as defined by MiniMed?
2)  How do you isolate the many variables involved with pumping Humalog to
try to focus on *site loss* as a contributor to BG excursions or other
strange happenings, etc.
3)  Are you seeing different results with short term vs. long term use of
Humalog? Are the results any different with Teflon or metal sets?
4)  Are the results any different with MiniMed or Disetronic sets? (I may
have something to chip in here, since I have used both pump brands with
5)  Are you seeing effects of environmental variables, such as temperature,
on the longevity of a site?
6)  What does Eli Lilly have to say about this? As I recall, their baseline
testing of Humlog was done by infusion (this is buried in the information
sheet which accompanies the insulin), so they may have seen something.
7)  What does Novo have to say on this? I can't believe that they have been
sitting around since Humalog's introduction pondering their collective
navel ;-)

It is ironically comforting to hear that MiniMed is seeing some interesting
happenings with Humalog. Those of us who have been pumping Humalog since
it's *official debut* probably have some good info for you.

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted