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Re: [IP] Removing Adhesive "Leftovers"...

Michael, Scott, others:

Uni Solve is made by the same company that makes Hypafix tape - Smith
Nephew. The product comes in small boxes, very similar to BD Alcohol Swabs.
In fact, the individual packages themselves look virtually identical to
alcohol swabs.

Any pharmacy or medical supply place which stocks ostomy supplies will
carry this. My current provider of supplies (National Diabetic Pharmacies
in Virginia) supplies them to me.

p.s. I have also heard that Baby Oil works on the "gunk". I have tried it -
it works, but not as quickly for me as the Uni-Solve. Uni Solve kind of
strikes me as "Acetone with a good skin conditioner" mixed in. It is fast
and quick.

Bob Burnett

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