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Re: [IP] Removing Adhesive "Leftovers"...

Michael wrote:
> > From: Scott K. Johnson <email @ redacted>
> > >
> > >What do some of you use for removing the "gunk" left on your skin from the
> > >adhesives used?
> >
> > Uni Solve is like an alcohol swab, but contains a solvent that is safe for
> > the skin.  It not only removes that gunk, but is great for taking paint off
> > your hands and face after those messy jobs.
> >
> > A.M.
> > email @ redacted
> Where do you get it???
> email @ redacted

Uni - solve  is made by Smith Nephew call customer care center
1-800-876-1261 for a place that markets it near you 
I also use the skin prep that helps reduce skin irritation caused by the
tapes this combination has really helped me - the first weeks I had
bruises from the tape not the site - now no problems ! Chris from Ind8-)