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Re: [IP] Re: Treating lows in AM

Buddy, I think there is a common theme in this group, as in life,
that people think "their way" is best.  My pump is best, or my doctor is
best, or my blankety blank is best.  I guess what counts is if it works,
it works eh?  

buddybarber wrote:
> Katie,
>     This is not meant to be sarcastic, or offensive, I am just stating facts
> here. I have tested my BG at night, early in the morning and have treated
> lows as many times as highs. Before pumping, and since pumping. I have taken
> BG's every hour when something comes up that requires it. When I first
> started on the pump I all but stayed up all night and all I was told to do
> was take a 3 AM BG.
>     The point I am trying to make, without anyone getting their feelings
> hurt is that most of us (generally speaking) have been diabetics. We know as
> much about using insulin as any non-diabetic doctor, and most all the rest
> of them. I agree with you that there are some excellent endos in this
> country. I would bet that 75% of them (maybe) are as good as you would want
> to use. That is not my point. I'm not knocking anybody's doctor. If he/she
> tells you to wait a week more, two weeks, what ever that is not important
> either. The point I want to make is that there are some of us who have been
> dealing with the details of this disease long enough that we know what out
> abilities are. We understand that it is better to be a little high than to
> be low. There are some that have gone for a year or more without the need of
> a doctor's appointment. Maybe you just don't understand where I'm coming
> from but without people like I'm trying to describe to you here we would all
> still be living at Plymouth Rock.
>     I'm not telling anybody to jump right in there and start their pumping
> program without your Dr. and CDE. I understand that there are those of you
> who have to lean up against the cabinet and grit your teeth to get enough
> nerve to eeeaaaasssseeee the needle into your tissue. These people are not
> the ones I refer to. The young lady that jumped in there and hooked her pump
> up and got on with the program. My hat is off to you. May God bless you! I'm
> so proud of you I don't know what else to say. I still believe the saline
> and hospitalization for getting on the pump is nothing more than money
> motivated.
>     I will look for the information MiniMed sent me stating that "To go on
> pump therapy you need to be motivated and have a desire to take control of
> your own health care."
>     I won't say no more as I have already made enough of you mad but this is
> the way I feel and I have done well in the past 39 years controlling my
> health and with this new tool it will only get better.
> Just my opinion. . . . .
> Buddy '-I