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Re: [IP] Re: Sleeping at the wheel

Unfortunately drugs that you take to help you fall asleep sometimes
with the brain's ability to achieve deep sleep such as R.E.M. sleep.  So
you are probably "sleeping" but just in lower levels of sleep so you
don't feel as refreshed in the morning.  Have you tried breathing
exercises?  I find it helpful to take deep breaths and hold you breath
for like 10 seconds and exhale.  It sounds stupid but it really seems to
help, oh and getting off any caffeine helps too :)

Dave & Dorothy wrote:
> Ironically I take Ambien to go to sleep..... I don't understand how it is
> the during the day I want to fall asleep all of the time but as soon as I
> get in bed my eyes open up and I stare at the ceiling......  The Ambien is
> wonderful at getting me to sleep but I don't think I am getting a good
> nights rest.... my body is not repairing itself..... my other drugs are BP
> stuff..... varapamil and accupril and of course the two insulins.... H &
> NPH.....
> dave
> Dave Brockman......
> Plantation, FL
> email @ redacted
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> Date: Friday, January 02, 1998 12:26 AM
> Subject: [IP] Re: Sleeping at the wheel
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> >> I am a DM for 24 years now and I have recently been diagnosed with
> >>  Sever Sleep Apnea..... I was falling asleep at the wheel of my can.....
> not
> >> a good thing to do in Florida.... or anywhere.....
> >>  Is this a diabetic thing ??????? Does any body else suffer...... this is
> a
> >> real Bit...h to deal with and some times I sleep and my body does not
> rest
> >> and I fall asleep the next day at work on no the road......???
> >>
> >>  Anybody ???????????
> >
> >  Are you taking any other drugs that might be affecting you?
> Anti-depressants
> >sometimes cause this problem. Among others!
> >
> >
> >                                                                Craig
> >