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Re: [IP] Re: mental attitude ????

Stereotype? What are you talking about? I was talking about theories I
had.  Maybe you should read messages 
before you run your mouth off on the screen here.  I would like
to think if someone tells me I am wrong about something that they
understood my message before they spoke.  I said right in my message
that I WAS wrong about it... I said it was a theory. not fact.
geez, some people's children...
I'm beginning to wonder if some of the people on this group are with us
all here on planet earth. 

ZIMMY64 wrote:
> Boy Forrest, are you ever wrong about that stereotype. Dr. Bode WANTS all his
> patients to be free of complications! He even gets mad at me if I am
> complacent about my sugars being alittle high. He spends more time with his
> patients and giving of his free time to support the disease, it seems
> incredible. His came to the hospital on his day off after I had already seen
> one of his associates, just to see if I was O.K. I had been crying that
> afternoon and he didn't know it had nothing to do with pumping. I was upset
> cause I missed my girls after only one day away from them. Boy, that even made
> me feel more silly when he asked what was wrong and if I hated this pump. I
> told him why and he just laughed. Now he always teases me about where the
> girls are. He says they can't be far cause I just couldn't stand that. Even
> his workers say his is just crazy about helping every one of us until he
> solves the problem of diabetes. He is the smartest man I know and I have so
> much respect for him. I wish everyone could have a doctor similiar to him.
> I know you didn't mean all Dr's, I just wanted to let you know that there are
> some great ones out there. I had to look long and hard. It took me going to 6
> different ones here in Atlanta before I found him. I just wasn't going to
> settle for any less. Why should I? It is my body and my life.
> Karla